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The CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow Pads are the newest Pro Elbow Pads from the new CCM Tacks Protective Gear Series. With this Ice Hockey Elbow Pad you are getting a new technologie which will help to minimize the risk of injuries on your elbow. The new D3O® technologie, which is integrated in the new Tacks Line, has a special material which will get harder depending on the impact. To give you the perfect fit the CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow Pads have a 3 piece strapping system. The CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow Pads are made out of 2 pieces which makes it easier to move around. Another good thing is that this Elbow Pads are really light so you will barely notice it. So you are looking at the perfect Ice Hockey Elbow Pads for Pros or for everybody who is looking for maximum protection around his Elbow. Great Technologie and great innovation. The CCM Ultra Tacks Elbow Pads are perfect for everyone who wants awesome protection.

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