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Bauer Hockey is constantly innovating with its skates and has designed a new Supreme skate for 2022. The all-new Bauer Supreme Mach skates are designed for the most powerful athletes in the game to give you power on a whole new level with the most advanced Supreme skate ever designed.

Bauer continues to use its ultra-popular 3D composite composite package with a solid curve. Mach will have a 12K curve composite boot which is an ultralight structure and is their most thermoformable boot, which gives you the best possible fit for your foot. This boot has a Unibody sole that makes the lower part of the boot stiff and gives you a more efficient cut. Another new addition to the Supreme Mach skates is AMP, active movement performance, Skateflex. This is a flex-facing that gives more forward flex in the upper part of the skate. This flex allows you to push harder and get more energy transfer to get a stronger cut every time you shoot. This will not only make your inserts more powerful but also more efficient, so you get the most out of each insert and no energy is wasted. The new bootflex goes hand in hand with the new Powercoil tongue. This blade has an improved insert for faster recoil speed that gives you maximum flex and performance. To the interior of Supreme Mach, Bauer has gone with their Lock Fit Pro liner that is designed to keep your feet locked in place, as well as quickly transport away sweat, giving you ultimate feeling and control when you are on the ice. As a holder for the Supreme Mach skates, there is the popular TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder which has been tested and used at an elite level for several years now.

If you’re an elite level player looking for a skate that will make every cut stronger, check out the Bauer Supreme Mach.

Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Pulse TI Steel

With a titanium coating and mirror finish, the TUUK Lightspeed Pulse TI will provide better edge holding, consistency and grip to maintain speed. The height of the steel has been increased to create a better angle of attack so that you get better control in all tight movements. Pulse TI comes with a friendly 10 foot radius that is perfect for skating directly out of the box, but can also be profiled without having to remove too much material. Pulse TI easily fits into Bauer’s self-developed TUUK Lightspeed Edge holder via a trigger mount under the heel. Should problems arise with removing the rail with your hands, Bauer has provided a tool in the package to help pull the rail out of the holder.

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