Parduc M25 Skate sharpener

Parduc M25 is a manual skate sharpener for hockey skates and figure skates.

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M25 manual skate sharpening machine with slide surface skate holder.

The M25 is a manual skate sharpener, equipped with the slide surface skate holder. If you want perfection on skate sharpening, sharpen your skates with M25. This skate sharpener is a perfect choise for professional- and junior teams.

Big skate sharpening wheel brings stable operation for the machine. Massive aluminium glide surface gives you extraordinary freedom when performing the grinding action.

The grinding wheel is ceramic silicon carbide wheel. Wheel is shaped to the desired radius setting using the diamond dresser. Parduc® diamond dresser comes with our unique exchangeable diamond head. After the diamond head wears out, you just buy a new diamond head instead of the whole dresser. This brings you remarkable cost savings in a long term.

Skate holder is a slide surface holder. Skate fastening is operated using the clamp lever. Every skate thickness must be adjusted using the three thumb nut on the top of the skate holder. Skate holder fits for hockey skates, figure skates, and skate blades.

The M25 skate sharpener is made in Finland.

-Grinding wheel: D180mm x 10mm, center hole: 12,7mm
-Dimensions: Length 460mm, Width 700mm, Height 280mm
-Weight: 28kg
-Operating voltage: 230V 50Hz
-Manufactured in Finland (motor in Germany)

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