Parduc M20 Skate sharpener

Manual skate sharpener for hockey skates. Suitable for hollow sharpening r5…r30mm.


Manual skate sharpener for hockey and figure skates. Suitable for grinding grooves r5 … r30 mm.

The shape of the groove is achieved by shaping the desired radius with a diamond on a ceramic grinding wheel.

Sharpening is done by attaching the ridge to the hinged bracket that moves along the grinding wheel. The blade of the skate adheres precisely to the well-tuned roller at the sharpening point. By adjusting the roller height, you can sharpen blades of different thickness.

The device is suitable for both professional and amateur use.

A vacuum hopper is available as an accessory to keep dust out of the sharpening area.

-Grinding Disc Size 150x6x38

Package includes:

  • 1pcs Skate sharpener Parduc® M20
  • 1pcs Grinding Disc
  • 1pcs Diamond Dresser
  • 1pcs wrench for grinding wheel and diamond dresser screw
  • 1pc measuring scale for diamond dresser adjustment. Scale 5 … 30mm
  • 1pcs Operation instructions

Dimension: 340x390x320mm

Weight: 18,9kg

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