Parduc A35 Skate sharpener

Automatic skate sharpener for hockey skates. Suitable for flat- and hollow sharpening.

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A35 automatic skate sharpening machine.

The A35 is a fully automatic sharpening machine for hockey skates. The perfect choice, for example, for junior team’s care. While the automatic sharpening machine sharpens the skate, the operator can remove the grinding burr from the previous skate. This significantly saves your precious time!

The device uses a diamond-coated grinding wheel for sharpening, so there is no need to shape the wheel. Thanks to the diamond grinding wheel, the A35 does not generate as much dust as traditional sharpeners with a ceramic grinding wheel.

The skate mount has a self-centering skate holder, so the user does not have to worry about the thickness of the skate blade.

The A35 sharpener is operated with a single push button. Just press the start button and the machine will take care of the sharpening for you. When the sharpening is complete, the machine and the grinding wheel stops automatically.

If you want to change the sharpening radius, you will find a wide range of different diamond sharpening grinding wheels in our online store. The grinding wheel can be changed conveniently without tools.

Grinding discs, power cable and other sharpening accessories can be conveniently stored in a locked storage box, at the bottom of the device.

The A35 skate sharpener is made in Finland.

-Grinding wheel: D100mm x 6mm, center hole: 20mm
-Dimensions: Length 730mm, Width 280mm, Height 280mm
-Weight: 16kg
-Operating voltage: 100-240VAC 47-63Hz
-Siemens logic operating system

New on 2023 version:
-30% faster sharpening
-Added adjustment for flat sharpening
-Improved, larger storage box
-Large hinged service door with lock
-New robust “Vandal-proof” operation button

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