Crosa Portar Warrior CR3


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Warrior has been a staple in the player stick industry and now continues their push in goalie sticks with the brand new Warrior Ritual CR3 composite goalie stick.
The Warrior Ritual CR3 features a mixture of different technologies all aimed to bring one of the best balanced and durable composite sticks on the market. The CR3 has HiFused construction within the paddle to give rigidity and flex when it is needed. Right in the shoulder of the stick, Warrior has infused VibexLite which is a vibration reduction technology which reduces the sting that can sometimes happen on composite sticks. The HiFused construction also moves the flex zone up the stick giving and caters to a goalies specific shooting technique which allows for a more natural feel for shooting and passing.
Warrior will continue to use their “clear” finish on the Ritual CR3 sticks. This clear grip allows the goalie to get a good natural grip on their stick while in their stance and transitional movements while shooting or passing.
If you are an intermediate level goalie who wants to combine great feel and durability in a composite stick that caters to both shooting and stopping pucks, the Warrior Ritual CR3 is for you.

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23.5" Mid Curve, 26.0" 14L Mid Curve

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