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You tape your stick before every game. It is a part of your process. We get it, we were like you. But if you want to enhance your performance on the ice, some traditions or rituals make way for new, innovative products that make you perform better. Otherwise, you would still be using a wooden stick, or skating in skates made of leather. Rezztek® improves your shot speed, accuracy and puck control. Evolve your blade, evolve your game with Rezztek®.

Four patented layers, each specifically designed for your top performance. Water resistant and repellent to keep your top performance throughout the game. When properly applied, Rezztek® lasts up to 8-10 sessions.

Independent study „Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots“ by Martin Plesch compared Rezztek® to traditional tape. The result? Rezztek® significantly improves the speed and accuracy of your shot. The durability of Rezztek® is a bonus to all players who don’t necessary enjoy taping their stick every day.

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